WD My Cloud for Linux Users

wdmycloudThe WD My Cloud NAS (network attached storage) is not designed for Linux. If you are using a Linux computer, here’s how to get started:

  1. Connect your WD My Cloud to a port on your modem, router, or a switch
  2. Plug it in and make sure the blue light on the front comes on solid or slowly pulsing
  3. Browse to http://mycloud.com/setup
  4. Click Get Started
  5. If you get a page saying No My Cloud devices found, click My device can’t be found
  6. Enter the 12 hexadecimal digits of the WD My Cloud’s MAC address (found on the bottom of the WD My Cloud; e.g. 00:90:a9:ec:69:af) and click Next.
  7. If you get a page saying Can’t connect to your device:
    1. Run: arp
    2. Check the output for a device with the correct MAC address.
    3. If the WD My Cloud’s mac doesn’t show:
      1. Run: sudo apt-get install arp-scan
      2. Run: sudo arp-scan -l
    4. If it still doesn’t show up, you have a network problem; fix it and click Try Again
  8. On success, you’ll get a page saying Set up cloud access
  9. Type in your data and Submit
  10. You should get a page saying Check Your Email
  11. According to the manual, you should have an email that tells you how to create a password for your mycloud.com account. The email I got did not.
  12. Clicking the Learn More button in the email takes you to http://www.mycloud.com/
  13. From there, you can enter your email and click Forgot Password
  14. You should receive a second email with a Reset Password link. Click it.
  15. Enter a password and Submit
  16. According to the manual, after you log in, you should be given a screen that allows you to download the WD Sync software. I did not, probably because it isn’t supported on Linux.
  17. According to the manual, on Windows, the WD My Cloud is accessed via http://wdmycloud, on Mac via http://wdmycloud.local. These aliases are not set up on Linux. Instead:
    1. Run: arp -n
    2. If the MAC address of your WD My Cloud doesn’t show, try: sudo arp-scan -l
    3. Copy the IP address that maps to the MAC address of your WD My Cloud
    4. Paste it into the address bar of your browser
  18. Instead of the  setup described in the manual, you get a log in page (likely because the setup was done via the cloud). Log in with the user name you specified in step 9 and a blank password.
  19. Select Users from the top menu
  20. Click on your user name under Set Up Users
  21. Set Password to On and give yourself a password
  22. Select Setup from the top menu and:
  23. Increase the timeout to 30 minutes
  24. Turn off Mac time machine backups

To save files to your WD My Cloud:

  1. Open a file browser (e.g. Files on LMDE 2, which is actually Nemo)
  2. Open the Network from the left side menu
  3. You should see a new server called WDMyCloud. Double click on it.
  4. Select Registered User and log in with your user name and password
  5. You should see several folders. One of them will be your user folder. Double click it.
  6. You can drag and drop files here to back them up.

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