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Minimal Perfect Hashing

A perfect hash is a one-to-one map. A key is taken and hash (into an integer) and looked up in a single location in the map. If it is in the map, it will be found in that location. This … Continue reading

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CLI, Directories, and Gob in Go

Building on my last post, Playing with Go (AKA golang), I’m going to hack a command line interface (CLI), do some directory parsing, and add some code to read back the note I serialized to a file using gob. To … Continue reading

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Playing with Go (AKA golang)

To installing Go on debian Linux: sudo apt-get install golang Check your version like this: go version > go version go1.3.3 linux/amd64 Using you favorite text editor (IDEs are for the weak), create a file with the .go extension. I’ll … Continue reading

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