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Minimal Perfect Hashing

A perfect hash is a one-to-one map. A key is taken and hash (into an integer) and looked up in a single location in the map. If it is in the map, it will be found in that location. This … Continue reading

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Python Unit Testing with pytest

Pytest is a unit testing framework for python that offers significantly more than the standard unittest module and nose test runner. For example, it supports parameterizing tests, and coverage analysis.   To install it: If you haven’t already, install pip: … Continue reading

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The Rise of Go

A first glance at the Tiobe index shows no change since the beginning of the year in the top five programming language. Looking closer, four of the five (Java, C, C#, and python) had lower ratings, with C dropping by … Continue reading

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LMDE 2 Cinnamon is Toast, Mate

After installing LMDE 2 on two different laptops, I had the same problem on both: The wireless, which had previously worked flawlessly, began failing, and the only solution I found that worked was to reboot the machine each time it … Continue reading

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Linux Mint Debian on Toshiba Satellite

Here’s how to install from a thumb drive. Plug it in Reboot the laptop Press F12 on the way up Select USB Select Install Linux Mint from the desktop When the time comes to partition, I choose to delete them … Continue reading

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Jim’s C Naming Conventions

I’m going to set down my own preferred naming conventions, which I typically follow in code I’m writing for myself. They have a lot in common with the standards we followed in the SXE project. I’ll note where they differ … Continue reading

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Configuring Linux Mint Debian Edition 2 (Betsy)

Well, once again I’ve taken this now clunky Gateway laptop down to the bare metal. After “upgrading” from LMDE 1 to a non working computer, I installed LMDE 2 (Betsy) and restored the files I’d backed up before the “upgrade”. … Continue reading

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