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cmph Comparitive Graphs

I just enhanced cmph-bench/cmph-graph.py to allow graphing a single attribute across multiple minimal perfect hashing algorithms. The updated code is available in GitHub. For example, the following command generates a CSV of lookup times for four algorithms: ./cmph-graph.py -t chd … Continue reading

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cmph-bench – A Benchmark for Minimal Perfect Hashing in C

There is an open source software package on Sourceforge that includes implementations in C of several minimal perfect hashing algorithms. It has been uploaded to GitHub at https://github.com/zvelo/cmph. The code is licensed under your choice of LGPL (Lesser GNU Public … Continue reading

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essexeld: Open Source Domain/URL Block List Daemon

essexld is a simple, high performance service, written in C using the sxe event driven programming library, for serving information about domains and URLs over HTTP from Linux. It was built and tested on Mint/debian Linux. It doesn’t support multiple … Continue reading

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Adding Your Own Tools to the PATH

OK, so you’ve got some useful tools you’ve written (or simply forked from github.com). How best to make them useable from the Terminal? One way or another, you’ve got to get them into the PATH. If you have sudo privileges … Continue reading

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